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Make a Grand Entrance with Pavers

When guests pull up to your driveway, they begin to get a sense of who you are. The colors and textures surrounding them can express as much about yourself through landscaping or front walk architecture as what’s inside! The material choices we make with our outdoor spaces give us joy and create visibility into branding ourselves professionally. When guests arrive at your home, they will be greeted with a sense of what you are like. 

The colors and materials that make up the landscaping around it can tell them more about who you want them to see inside-your personality!


Concrete and asphalt crack over time due to the pressure, and settling. The physics are different with paver drive or walkway; cracking is rare but if a single tile does screech it can be replaced without issue! Once your Connective Drive has started showing signs of wear & tear (cracks) you’re stuck having unsightly blemishes that continue to worsen even after patching them- this may cost money in both labor hours as well recurring material costs too so don’t let yourself get caught up waiting around while something gets worse when there’s already plenty going wrong.

To get the most out of your landscaping, you should consider longevity. Having some perennials and trees with consistent features will help give our yard an aged look over time without constant maintenance on behalf side yard thinking up new plant combinations every season! Before planting these though; make sure to know what kind of growth patterns typically occur in climates where they’re going so stay away from any surprises like this happening again later down the road.


Create your garden oasis with a multidimensional landscape that is both creative and practical. Layer plants of different heights to create an organic feel, or use tiered walkways for extra space where you need it most! There’s no right answer when designing the perfect outdoor living area – so go ahead: experiment until you find what works best in terms of colors; shapes + size combinations.

The integration of patterns in your design can be as simple or complex as you want it to be! For example, let’s say that instead of just trimming a walkway with different colored pavers now and then you decide on an intricate swirl pattern along its entire length. This will create visual interest for visitors while also making sure they’re not distracted by anything else around them besides what lies ahead down these steps.


Grand entranceways to your home can be environmentally conscious by using permeable pavers. These come in an array of colors and styles, which help reduce pollution as well as stormwater runoff that would otherwise cause problems with flooding or drainage during rainstorms that end up filling our rivers.


At Pinellas Pavers, creating a grand entrance or adding curb appeal to any front property is easier than ever with custom pavers. As a custom paver designer and installer of grand entrances in Clearwater, we can help transform any bare curbside look.